Skull Labs EAA Amino 390g

Skull Labs EAA Amino 390g
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Skull Labs EAA Amino essential amino acids for building muscle mass.

Skull Labs EAA Amino is an amino acid supplement that provides single bricks of free amino acids. EAA are the amino acids that you absolutely must supply to your body. Without their contribution, it is not possible to build muscle mass. Too little EAA in your diet means that your training effects will be limited and your muscles are at risk of catabolism. Skull Labs EAA Amino will protect your muscles and allow them to regenerate faster.

Skull Labs EAA Amino is:

  • Pure amino acids in free form,
  • Anti-catabolic effect,
  • Stimulate protein synthesis,
  • Accelerate regeneration.

Is it worth using EAA?

EAA amino acids are essential amino acids that we should supply to our body. This means that we cannot function if an adequate pool of EAA is not present in our diet. People who train have an increased need for protein. this is linked to training and the muscle damage we experience. EAAs allow us to keep the recovery of muscle mass at a high level. They reduce recovery time and allow you to return to full strength more quickly. Not only is it worth using EAAs, but we are practically compelled to make sure our bodies are getting the optimum amount of them.

How do EAAs work?

EAA amino acids have anabolic and anti-catabolic effects. They support an increase in muscle protein synthesis, which allows us to build good quality muscles. EAA limit the breakdown of muscle protein. The use of amino acids in the peri-workout period will significantly improve muscle protection. During training, your muscles are exposed to breakdown reactions - catabolism. The use of EAA amino acids in the peri-training period perfectly protects us against the loss of muscle mass. EAA contains a significant amount of leucine, which triggers the processes involved in building muscle mass. However, in order to build muscle, leucine alone is not enough. Having an EAA complex not only triggers the building process, but also provides the essential amino acids that will be used to create new muscle proteins.

To whom are EAA amino acids recommended?

EAA are recommended for anyone who trains very intensively. So-called energy crises occur during training. Your body then begins to break down your muscles in order to obtain the necessary amino acids and energy. The use of EAA amino acids first and foremost ensures that the body does not lack essential amino acids. If you train seriously and value hard-won form, EAA amino acids should be in your supplementation.

Skull Labs EAA Amino composition:

Portion: 1 Scoop (6.2 g)

Content in: 6,2 g:

L-leucine - 918 mg

L-isoleucine - 442 mg

L-Valine - 518 mg

L-lysine HCl - 1199 mg

L-threonine - 667 mg

L-phenylalanine - 500 mg

L-methionine - 432 mg

L-histidine - 100 mg

L-tryptophan - 77 mg

Skull Labs EAA Amino Dosage:

1 serving, 6.2 grams before and after weight training.

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