Hammer Labz L-Glutamine 400 g

Hammer Labz L-Glutamine 400 g
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Hammer L-Glutamine prevents the breakdown of muscle mass and supports recovery.

Hammer L-Glutamine is an amino acid supplement that contains l-glutamine in its purest form and has a strong anti-catabolic effect. Your muscles cannot function properly without glutamine, making it the most crucial amino acid! Due to the high loss of glutamine that occurs during exercise, it is important to ensure adequate levels of glutamine in your diet and in the form of peri-workout supplementation. Hammer L-Glutamine is a premium dietary supplement that will enable you to provide a highly active form of glutamine.

The benefits of taking Hammer L-Glutamine include:

  • a strong anti-catabolic effect,
  • protection against the breakdown of muscle tissue,
  • improved regeneration,
  • strengthening of immunity,
  • intestinal protection.

Why is it important for us to take glutamine?

Glutamine inhibits the production of the stress hormone cortisol, contributes to the formation of new muscle proteins and inhibits the breakdown of existing muscles. In addition, it helps to strengthen the immune system and promotes faster recovery processes after exercise. As such, it is often used for various health ailments. Glutamine is often recommended for intestinal flora problems, immune strengthening or recovery after surgery.

Glutamine has a strong effect on the digestive system. Its action nourishes the intestinal cells - the enterocytes - which effectively increases their efficiency. By taking glutamine, we can experience a marked improvement in digestion, but not only. Improved intestinal function also means increased immunity. If your intestines need support, you have recurring infections - taking glutamine can be a helpful supplement to help you avoid illness.

This amino acid is very important in the production of neurotransmitters. These are responsible for memory and concentration, among other things. In addition, glutamine is involved in the neutralisation of ammonia. People who exercise intensely and follow high-protein diets secrete much higher amounts of ammonia. Here, it is worth taking an interest in glutamine supplementation to neutralise ammonia and protect the kidneys.

Hammer L-Glutamine 400g composition:

1 serving, 5g:

L-glutamine - 5000 mg - is one of the most essential, for your muscles, endogenous amino acids. Glutamine comprises the majority of the body's pool of protein-building amino acids. Its adequate levels in the body will be crucial for maintaining high levels of new protein synthesis, as well as protecting existing ones. In sports supplementation, glutamine is primarily used as an anti-catabolic.

Hammer L-Glutamine 400g dosage:

1 serving, 5g before and after training.


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