Hammer Beta-Alanine 400g

Hammer Beta-Alanine 400g
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Hammer Beta-Alanine increase muscle endurance and train more intensively.

Hammer Beta-Alanine is a dietary supplement mainly dedicated to endurance trainers. It works by increasing exercise capacity, working muscles for longer, which translates into an improvement in training intensity. Beta-Alanine shows a synergistic effect with creatine, which is why we recommend combining it with Hammer Creatine HCL.

Hammer Beta-Alanine is:
An increase in carnosine,
Improved endurance,
Improved performance,
Increase in training intensity.

How does beta-alanine work?

Beta-alanine primarily stimulates carnosine levels in the muscles. This is a peptide that prevents a drop in muscle pH and acts as a buffer. As a consequence of this, muscles produce less lactic acid during exercise, which both speeds up the process of gaining muscle mass and reduces the possibility of experiencing muscle soreness. What's more, lactic acid is transported more quickly in the form of hydrogen ions, which significantly reduces the interval between series. Beta-alanine allows us to train more intensively. We can reduce the time needed for recovery.

What can we expect from beta-alanine supplementation?

  • an improvement in your physical performance, as well as your performance in the body,
  • an increase in muscle tissue and other forms of lean body mass.
  • an increase in training volume, allowing you to perform more repetitions per workout,
  • increased muscle strength,
  • reduced levels of exhaustion and fatigue,
  • reduced muscle soreness after training.

Additionally, carnosine allows you to exercise for longer, and the effects of beta-alanine supplementation can be seen in the first month of use. Studies have shown that consuming the recommended daily amount of beta-alanine can help reduce symptoms of depression and improve mood.

How to dose beta-alanine and what to combine it with?

For best results, it is worth combining beta-alanine with Hammer Creatine HCL. Creatine compliment the effects of beta-alanine, increases muscle endurance and enhances anabolic processes. The amount of beta-alanine that should be consumed daily, according to experts, should be in the range of 3 to 6 grams. It is important to remember that beta-alanine is recommended to be used for at least six to seven weeks. The best results are obtained in supplementation of 10-12 weeks.

Hammer Beta-Alanine composition:

1 serving, 5 g:

Beta-alanine - 5000 mg - a powder form that is both easy to use and easily soluble, containing 100% pure beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is an endogenous amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. Beta-alanine plays a significant role in the formation of carnosine in skeletal muscle. Carnosine is one of the amino acids that is found in the highest concentration in muscle. Its action includes increasing the resistance of muscles to lactic acid concentrations. This allows muscles to work longer and increase performance. Furthermore, carnosine allows for shorter rest periods between series.


1 portion, 5 g every day. 


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