Betancourt Beta Alanine Powder 300 gr

Betancourt Beta Alanine Powder 300 gr
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Beta-Alanine is considered to be the 'new creatine' in sports performance; not because it can replace the proven strength/muscle builder, but because it is proven to boost performance and muscular endurance for high intensity exercise. Whereas creatine is considered ideal for boosting absolute strength, Beta-Alanine is considered ideal for the higher intensity rep ranges because of its ability to buffer lactic acid. Beta-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid that is used by muscle cells to synthesize carnosine which functions as a buffer for the hydrogen ions (acid) produced during strenuous exercise, thus helping to maintain optimum muscular pH. Clinical studies suggest that Beta-Alanine supplementation can delay muscle fatigue.

Betancourt Nutrition uses trademarked Carnosyn® Beta-Alanine, the same material used in the studies to showcase Beta-Alanine's effectiveness.


Take one or two servings 20-30 minutes prior to training with juice or a pre-workout sports drink. Take one serving twice daily on non-training days as well, with or without food. Begin with one-half serving twice daily to assess your tolerance as beta alanine may produce a slight and harmless flushing and/or prickly sensation that will subside within minutes of use.

300 GramsUnflavored
Serving Size1/2Scoop(Approx. 2g)
Servings Per Container150
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Beta Alanine (As Carnosyn®)2000mg**
* Percentage Daily Values based on a 2000-Calorie diet.
** Daily Value not established

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